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Here are some images of a series of artist’s books i created. I did them for the Manchester Artist’s Book Fair at Manchester Met. University. They went down quite well, and i have sold around half of them now.


2 Responses to “Artist’s Book”

  1. Hi Stuart!

    I bought one of these posters from you at Comicana in London. I have the one shown bottom here, with a normal eye and trees. houses and wires around the person. I would love to buy the other one too, with the train tracks making up the eyes, do you have a paypal, I could send you the money and you could post me the artwork,

    I would also be happy to post you some of my work if you like it, I have the screenprints on my website (mixed in with the design and photography)

    let me know!


    • bigchickenstu Says:

      Hi Will.

      Yeah i can do that for you, but it may cos you more than the one you bought. I presume you want it the same size? I didnt make any of those type in that size you see. I can do it, but it will take me a little time. I dont have a paypal as of yet, but i will set one up Let me know if you are still inerested.

      P.S sorry it took so long to reply, i have been busy busy busy.



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